This Month (January 2017): Food, Fitness & Feminism

Welcome to the very first “This Month”! [January, 2017]

This is a monthly blog post that roundups the last month in my life, as well as some current events in feminism (because, feminism). 

This month was a bit of a rough one – both personally and politically. 

Personally, I was sick for almost the entire month with a cold/flu/who-knows-what that just totally wiped me out. My month went something like this: sleep, work, sleep, write, sleep, work, sleep…  you get the point. It’s the end of January and I am just finally feeling better. It definitely wasn’t the start to The Radish Society that I had hoped for! 

2017 didn’t start off all terrible though! New Year’s Eve was spent surrounded with good friends with a very casual night of hanging out and drinking. 

Waking up on the 1st was a little rough – but I was excited to get the day started as I officially launched The Radish Society!

Politically… I don’t think I even have to explain how rough this month was. Many of our worst fears have already come true! I know I live in Canada, but what happens in the USA does affect us all, and it is definitely not going well right now. The silver lining is that I bet there is record-breaking turnout at the next votes for Canada, the USA and other countries. 

The glimmer of hope in January was the world-wide Women’s March and the airport protests! My mom travelled all the way down to D.C. to participate in the Women’s March. I couldn’t join her due to work obligations but I attended the march in Montreal. It was smaller than I had hoped (about 5000 people) but it was an honour to be part of this momentous day. I have a lot of feels about this march, if you didn’t already know that. We need to make sure that it isn’t just a one-day thing, and that we keep resisting! 



Posts this month:

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  4. Winter Activities That Aren’t Super Lame
  5. What Is The Deal With Kombucha Anyway? 
  6. Changing My World Views One Massage At A Time
  7. Women’s March January 21, 2017 – A Day We Will Always Remember
  8. I Am An Ally (And What That Means)



We started ordering from LufaFarms back in December when they didn’t have much variety, but they stepped up their game and now have a bunch more vegetables available. We’re still finding out what the best orders are for us, but one thing for sure is that it has been forcing us to eat way more vegetables

We also bought Mark’s Hot Sauce, which is a Montreal brand! The red chili one isn’t spicy enough for me but it does add a little extra oomph of flavour. Especially on Taco Night. 




I had such good intentions… and then I spent most of January on the couch fighting off my on-going colds. It wasn’t great, but that is okay. I’m feeling better now and February can only get better! [Edit: I spoke too soon]



I personally love keeping up-to-date with worldly feminist issues and progress! Every month I’m going to do a roundup of important articles. This is what happened for feminism around the world in January 2017:


Thanks for checking out what happened this month! Make sure to check back for all new posts coming soon! 




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