This Month (February 2017): Food, Fitness & Feminism

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Welcome to the second “This Month”! [February, 2017]

This is a monthly blog post that roundups the last month in my life, as well as some current events in feminism (because, feminism). 

Last month, I told you that I was sick for pretty much all of it. This month, the news gets a little bit better but not by much. I managed to get better from whatever I had in January… only to catch something entirely different. I’m finally feeling back to myself and I’m excited to actually do things in March. 

However, there were still some amazing things that happened throughout February!

  1. We decided on a wedding venue and then totally changed our minds…
  2. We chose our wedding DJ!
  3. We celebrated my partner’s 28th birthday surrounded by friends, then family and then just the two of us
  4. My partner has some exciting (but secret) work developments!
  5. We attended Igloofest with our besties! And I went to my very first blogger event!
  6. I signed myself back up for theSkimm (I don’t know why I ever unsubscribed).
  7. And… last but not least… I both applied and got accepted into Graduate School for Journalism!

Ya – I was saving that one for last! There will be a post entirely dedicated to it, but for now I thought I’d just share the exciting (and terrifying) news that I am headed back to school!



  1. I was a Mermaid for an Afternoon!
  2. Valentine’s Day Self-Care
  3. 10 Quotes from Laurie Penny’s “Unspeakable Things” That You Need to Read



We discovered the organic meat from LufaFarms and have been ordering it ever since. Organic meat honestly just tastes better! It helps that you know it is coming from a great farm, too! I’ve been trying to have us eat more local and organic foods recently and this is a big step forward. It is more expensive, but we have decided that it is totally worth it for us, the animals, the farmers and the environment.

We discovered a little grocery store near our gym that carries ‘specialty’ items like imported spices, gluten-free products and the best kalamata olives I’ve had in a long time. It’s always fun to discover new places in our neighbourhood!



Ugh. Don’t get me started. Despite all of my high hopes in my New Year’s resolutions… I’ve basically failed at it because I’ve been fighting off illness after illness for most of 2017 and spending a lot of time in my pajamas (see below). I did however get a pass for the local pool! It was totally free and I do plan on using it. One step at a time… 




I personally love keeping up-to-date with worldly feminist issues and progress! Every month I’m going to do a roundup of important articles. This is what happened for feminism around the world in February 2017:

March is the home of International Women’s Day so get ready for a super feminist month!




Thanks for checking out what happened this month! Make sure to check back for all new posts coming soon! 

Read about January 2017.




    • rebecca
      February 28, 2017 / 9:27 PM

      Getting back into a fitness routine can be SO difficult! Wishing you luck! xox

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