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Welcome to “This Month”! [April 2017]

This is a monthly blog post that roundups the last month in my life, as well as some current events in feminism (because, feminism). 


April was so busy that I am trying to remember what even happened in my life! More wedding details were planned, of course! There will be a post coming out soon about initial wedding planning. Hopefully our experience will be able to help other people. 

Otherwise, I worked at my day job full time and I hustled at writing every evening. I’m starting Journalism school in exactly one month! I am really looking forward to it! It will be such a change in my life but I usually enjoy change. 

Fun Things: I went to go see The Book of Mormon with my mom! I gifted her tickets for an early Mother’s Day present. I have some mixed feelings about it. The jokes are based on stereotypes and they cleverly break down stereotypes and make you re-think things. However I think some of the ‘breaking down stereotypes’ might have been lost on some of the audience members so then you’re just left with jokes about stereotypes. It was clever and absurd but I couldn’t help but think it has become popular in bad taste. 

Finished Reading: Love Not Given Lightly by Tina Horn. I thought this book was going to be purely about their escorting experiences but it was actually more like a collection of interviews/recollections about certain people they have met along their escorting path. It was interesting and I read it in about two days, but I didn’t find it particularly riveting or moving. I think it was made more interesting because I have actually had a conversation with Tina Horn in person. I did appreciate that they mentioned at the end of the book that this collection was just that: a collection, and that there are so many more stories to tell. 

Currently Reading: Coming Out Like a Porn Star by Jiz Lee. Again, another collection of stories but this time written by numerous porn stars about their coming out experiences. I am enjoying it but I find that as many of the stories are similar (how their parents found out and how they reacted), so I need to take breaks between stories to truly appreciate each one individually. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in time for next month’s summary. 

Fitness: I started using my FitBit again and it has forced me to walk up and down the stairs at work. I don’t always hit 10 000 steps but I definitely have noticed an improvement in my cardio while walking up 9 flights of stairs each morning. 




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I personally love keeping up-to-date with worldly feminist issues and progress! Every month I’m going to do a roundup of important articles. This is what happened for feminism around the world in April 2017:

  • In case you didn’t think advertising could get any worse… Pepsi and Nivea proved that it can. [Michael Arceneaux at Elle] (but then Heineken won our hearts forever). 
  • Sex toy manufacturers are making their user manuals too damn ableist. [Carrie at Autostraddle]
  • Texas has come up with a brilliant solution to help go through their backlog of rape kits. [Christopher Connelly at NPR]
  • Ummm… Serena Williams won the Grand Slam while pregnant proving once again that women really can do anything but also reminding us that women have been going about their normal lives while pregnant since… forever. [Frank Ping at Reuters]
  • Check it out – people actually believed women when they accused a man of sexual harassment. Let’s keep believing women and changing rape culture. [Margaret Sullivan at The Washington Post]
  • Ijeoma Oluo met with Rachel Dolezal and said exactly what needed to be said. You need to read this interview for so many reasons, including learning more about white privilege. [Ijeoma Oluo at The Stranger]. 
  • The first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon did it again 50 years later! [Emanuella Grinberg at CNN].
  • Planned Parenthood released three super helpful videos about how to have conversations about safe sex and STIs and they are totally worth watching. [Brittney McNamara at Teen Vogue].
  • Bonus: Did you hear about the March for Science? Well you should. As a Dietitian (and a person of the world), science is ESSENTIAL. [Chas Danner at NY Mag]


Thanks for checking out what happened this month! Make sure to check back for all new posts coming soon! 

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  1. May 2, 2017 / 3:30 PM

    Omg I am taking a cultural resistance class and my professor showed us the Pepsi thing in class!!! My goodness…
    Oh also I have been wanting to take my boyfriend to see the book of Mormon! Glad to get your feedback on it.

    • rebecca
      May 2, 2017 / 3:46 PM

      I don’t think that you shouldn’t go necessarily, I just think you need to know what you’re stepping in to. There were some pretty good laughs that weren’t at the expense of anyone, so that’s good! Let me know if you do go and what you thought about it :)

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