Share Your Story

The Radish Society is a community space to share our stories with each other.

Most articles are written by myself (Rebecca) but this is your opportunity to have your voice heard too!

If you have an inspirational story about yourself that you’d like to share, I know that TRS community would love to hear it!

It could be a story about loving your body, a decision about staying true to yourself, learning how to cook, discovering your sexuality, a life challenge you totally rocked…. anything you choose!

Submission Rules:

  • It has to be a true story about yourself
  • It should be between 600-1000 words
  • You can e-mail a completed story (via attached document) or you can e-mail a pitch (via body of e-mail) to rebecca[at]
  • I will get back to you within 48 hours whether the decision is ‘yes’ or ‘not this time’
  • Stories will require one photo of you that is max 660 x 460 pixels (width x height) or min 460 x 460 pixels (no faces necessary in the photo, no pornographic images)
  • Your story cannot have been previously published elsewhere
  • You need to give the rights to The Radish Society for six months after it is published
  • This is a paid submission via PayPal or you can choose to donate the money to a charity instead
  • Please note that you do NOT have to use your legal name in the publication but there will be a signed contract that requires personal information.

Not sure if you have a story you want to share? Send an e-mail and we can chat about it!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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