Welcome to the third “This Month”! [March, 2017] This is a monthly blog post that roundups the last month in my life, as well as some current events in feminism (because, feminism).    MY LIFE This month was an interesting one because for the first time ever I took a staycation from work. We were supposed to go on a trip, but a few… View Post

There are two ways that this story can start off. The first way is one of great achievements. I was four years old, and I wanted to join the swim team. I was technically too young to join the swim team, but when I managed to keep up with the six year olds in the qualification practice session… they didn’t… View Post

I thought about this blog back in November and launched it in January. The goal was to mix my passion for feminism with my professional knowledge of food as a registered dietitian. Fitness was thrown in for good measure – something I struggle with as well as something that is always linked with healthy eating and healthy habits.  The problem with… View Post

Welcome to my book recommendations! Love to read? Picking up a book for the first time in 10 years? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! (Get it?… book cover…) I have put together a list of books written by women, about women, feminism, womanhood, traveling around the world… you get the point. I’ve included both true stories that will make you… View Post

Talk is great, but action is better! If you’re looking for an organization to donate to or volunteer for… I’ve simplified things for you!  Here is a list of worldwide women’s empowerment organizations! [I’ve volunteered at one of these… think you can spot it?] AFRICA: Crossroads International: an international development organization that is reducing poverty and increasing women’s rights around the… View Post