6 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

healthy body positive instagram inspiration

Sometimes I scroll through my Instagram feed and all I see is ‘perfection’. There are perfect photos of meals, perfect photos of post-gym sweating, perfect photos of chiseled bodies, perfect photos of make up… I can continue. While these images are beautiful to look at, we have to be careful that our images of ‘perfection’ isn’t just shaped by the top influencer accounts. We need to make sure we get a diverse range of images – that we fill up our feed with positivity instead of ‘perfection’. If you’re looking to fill up your feed with a few more positive vibes, I’ve got you covered with these 6 super body-positive Instagram accounts! 

p.s. Social media needs to be considered in your self care – it can seriously influence your thoughts about the world and yourself. It’s okay to log off, unfollow someone or just search for accounts that make you feel good. 


1. @joannathangiah

I have followed Joanna Thangiah for years – I absolutely adore her artwork that focuses on feminism, body image and mental health. She has a shop where you can purchase a dress covered in vulvas. Need I say more?


2.  @marcelailustra

Just scroll through her beautiful illustrations of bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes, colours, etc, and you’ll see exactly why Marcel Sabiá made this list. 


3. @whatfatgirlsactuallywear

I am so totally in love with this fashion Instagram. Not only are these styles freaking stunning, but it is a body-positive space that fights against society telling ‘fat’ girls what they canNOT wear. 


4. @mynameisjessamyn

A self-declared fat femme who loves yoga, Jessamyn posts inspiring photos that just radiate with joy and positivity. Her account is an absolute pleasure to follow. 

A photo posted by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) on


5. @bodyposipanda

Megan has battled her eating disorders and continues to fight back by spreading her story and images of her belly. She reports that body-positivity has actually saved her life. Having worked with eating disorder patients at my Hospital, I feel a personal connection to stories like hers. 


6. @4thtribodies

The 4th Trimester Body Project celebrates uncensored bodies after child-birth. They celebrate the beauty of motherhood – and these photos will absolutely melt your heart. 

Do you follow any other great body-positive accounts? Let me know in the comments below so we can all add a little more positivity in our lives!


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