Hi! Welcome to The Radish Society!

I’m Rebecca! I’m a born & raised anglo-Montrealer, an avid Traveler (32 countries & counting), a down-to-earth Nutritionist (like, actual Registered Dietitian) and a super Sex-Positive Feminist babe! Whew!

The Radish Society is a quirky, radical-ish part of the Internet! I focus on feminism and self care but labels are kinda lame so basically #IDoWhatIWant. 

I’ll be sharing my personal stories and knowledge but I want you to get involved too! The Radish Society is a non-judgemental, inclusive, supportive space for you to share your experiences and be part of a community.

Together we will be #KeepingItRad!

I can’t wait to meet all of you!


Here’s a little bit more info about me:

I like sunsets more than sunrises. I like landing in foreign cities and having to find my way. I like everything raspberry, stuffed olives and sushi that contains salmon. I like sitting on my balcony and sipping a gluten-free beer while people-watching. I like reading books written by people I’ve met IRL. I like bright yellow and bright orange and bright red and bright blue and bright green and bright pink. I like being wrapped in a cozy blanket on the couch while wearing old-man socks on my feet and getting cuddles from my favourite person. I believe in hitting the snooze button more than once. I believe that words can make a difference.


Here’s a little bit of info about radishes:

Radishes are grown and consumed throughout the world, which means that they come in a variety of sizes, flavours and colours. Some take one month to grow, while others can take several months. They have a sharp flavour and are often added, but not limited to, delicious salads. They don’t easily get taken down by pests, which means they are often planted to protect other crops around them (as a companion plant, like in a community). But most importantly, have you ever been to a cocktail party and not seen a radish garnish? I didn’t think so. 

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*Please note that The Radish Society does not tolerate sexism, racism, able-ism, age-ism, class-ism, fat-shaming, homophobia, transphobia, bi-erasure or any other really shitty things that are out there in the world.