10 Unique Date Ideas on a Budget!

10 Date Ideas on The Radish Society

If you’re stuck for date night ideas then you have come to the right place! There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie and going for dinner – they are classic choices for a reason! However, sometimes it’s fun to do something a bit different without breaking the bank! With the start of spring, I thought it would be fun to suggest a few date ideas that will impress your date and keep your wallet happy! Also, going on new adventures is an excellent method for self care. If you don’t currently have someone to go on a date with then make it a friend date instead!


1. Build a Pizza!

So many dates happen around food so why not make your own! The only thing better than pizza is getting to pick what goes on your pizza. You can negotiate toppings and modify for any allergy concerns while keeping your meal budget-friendly. Making everything from scratch (including the dough) can lend itself as a natural icebreaker or just be a fun activity if you’re past the ice-breaking part. If you want to spend more time together, head to the market to pick out and buy your ingredients fresh (and local!).  


2. Attend an Improv Show

As much as we’d all love to attend big comedy shows, budgets often don’t allow for it. Instead, going to an improv show or an amateur comedy night can be a budget-friendly option! You’ll get a night full of laughs while discovering local talent! You’ll also have a chance to learn about the type of humour your date enjoys, which is important for compatibility! If you’re laughing at the same comedy bits then it is probably a good sign! If the show is awful then you’ll still leave with something to giggle about.
10 Unique Date Idea on The Radish Society


3. Be Tourists in Your Own City

I’m a huge fan of traveling because it allows us to experience local culture, traditional foods and gorgeous monuments like ancient temples or national parks. For some reason, we’re resistant to do similar things in our hometown but a date is the perfect excuse to get to know your city a little better. Most cities have free walking tours available where you can learn about the history of your city, or you can explore a new museum or a go on a church tour. You don’t need to tell the tour guide you’re a local – you can pretend you are from another city and add to your day adventure. 


4. Prepare Questions

Don’t quiz each other about your future plans or current finances – that does not sound like a fun date night. BUT a great idea is to come up with quirky questions to ask each other. Would you rather go to the bottom of the ocean or to the top of the tallest mountain? What would be your superhero power? These fun, light-hearted questions will spark their own conversations and get to know your date in a unique way. 


10 Unique Date Idea on The Radish Society


5. Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love a karaoke night? Whether you choose to sing or not, heading to a karaoke bar always creates some great memories. Karaoke nights tend to happen in casual bars where the drinks are cheap and the entertainment is guaranteed. You’ll definitely have things to talk about for the rest of the night! 


6. Flea Market

Don’t take your date shopping to the usual places – go somewhere unique like a flea market! You don’t need to purchase anything – instead you can browse the stalls and find a variety of items like homemade scarves, vintage action figures or antique furniture. You can play a game to find the weirdest or tackiest or oldest item. Some of the items might spark a childhood memory so you can share a bit of your history with each other. 


7. Disposable Camera Day

Remember when you just had to take one picture and hope for the best? Well, the good news is that you still can! Disposable cameras still exist and they are great accessories for a day around the city. You can create your own project and work on completing it together. You can scour the city for large graffiti murals and take selfies in front of all of them or find parks and try to get the artsiest shots. You get to explore the city without wandering aimlessly and get the bonus of some pretty cute photos. 


10 Unique Date Idea on The Radish Society


8. Attend a Book Reading

Attending a book reading or a poetry night is a great way to support local artists and discover something or somewhere new. There is something so wonderful about sitting in a café or a bookshop and listening to artists perform their art. Readings are often hosted in strange corners of the city so you’ll be able to have a cultural evening with your dates. You can then head somewhere after to discuss the art that was presented. 


9. Bingo night!

Yes, I totally just suggested bingo but before you laugh too hard at the idea, take a moment to actually think about it. You would be doing something totally unique that is inexpensive and guaranteed to entertain you for a few hours. You’ll both have a great story to tell people! It’s a good way to make sure your date has the same sense of humour and adventure as you – if you’re not sure then at least you’ll find out! 


10. Paint Together

If you’re looking for an indoor activity that doesn’t include Netflix, then try painting together! You can either paint on separate canvases but the real fun happens when you share the same canvas! Decide what you’re going to pain, plan it out a little bit and then take turns actually painting. You’ll end up with a creative masterpiece that displays the combo of your talents. You’ll either have something to hang on your wall if your relationship works out of something to burn if it doesn’t. Don’t worry about not being a great artist – just make sure to have fun and remember that a glass of wine tends to help! 


10 Unique Date Idea on The Radish Society


The key to a great date is to find an activity that will create laughter and spark conversation. It can be weird or romantic or once-in-a-lifetime or spark a new hobby. Your date will love how unique your time together is – and he they don’t… then get someone who does! 

Always remember that these can be done with friends or even by yourself. Taking yourself on a date is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and how it went!



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